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In SANMATSU, along with the growth of the automobile and semiconductor industry in Kyushu, various types of FA equipment related to these, labor・・・

1.Company name Sanmatsu Co., Ltd.
2.Description ●Technical Sales Customers and of negotiation, orders, is to create business estimates, and the like. Some of drawing knowledge at the time of meetings with customers is required. ●Development design engineer (mechanical) FA equipment, labor-saving machinery, development and design work ・・・
3.Application requirements
4.Salary university graduates (22 years old): 185,960 yen / month Technical college graduate (20 years old): 177,680 yen / month Junior Vocational College (20 years old): 173,000 yen / month High school graduate (18 years old): 162,220 yen / month ※ including various allowances (April 2016 schedule)
5.Location Japan Fukuoka Fukuoka Prefecture Chikushino Okada 3-10-9

1-1 / 1 hits

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